Larry Smith



I am a photographer born and raised in Chicago, IL and now living in St Petersburg, FL.

I first got interested in photography as a kid when my dad bought me a Chinon 35mm film camera from Goldblatt's Department store on Belmont Ave in Chicago. I took it everywhere and blew through many rolls of film on vacations and such.

In the early eighties I took photography courses at Wilbur Wright College (Chicago), settling on black and white architectural photography. I built a dark room in the corner of the basement in our Chicago bungalow and continued to develop my own prints for a several years.  As life changed, I moved away from my interests in photography and on to other things. Then when digital photography started to emerge I had little interest, after all, I was a “film guy”! But, after watching digital media blossom, I was once again inspired. So…about 5 years ago I jumped back in!

Today, I shoot Canon R3 and R5 with a full compliment of lens for sports, events, travel and street photography. 

Some of the events I have photographed are:

*The Awesome Original Second Time Arounders Marching Band

     -2019 Macy's Thanksgiving Parade (New York City)

     -2022 St Patricks Day Parade (Dublin, Ireland)

*Aquatic Obsessions Dive Shop Events

*2021-2023 Tampa Bay Spear Fishing Challenge

*Savage OCR

*Rugged Maniac OCR

*Mud Girl OCR

*Many 5k/10k events including the Chicago Hot Chocolate Run (40K runners!)

*I shot my first wedding this year! (2022)

I hope you enjoy my view on the world and thank you for stopping by!


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